Sapelli – Maun

Origin: West – Central Africa
Botanical Name: Entandrophragma cylindricum
Tree Category: Hard Tropical Wood
Intensity: 640 Kg/m3

Sapelli, which grows in West Africa and can reach up to 45 meters in length in the forest, is in the tropical hardwood class. Sapele, also known as mahogany in our country, has a very wide usage area due to its color and durability.


Its dark reddish brown and veined pattern is one of the important characteristic features of Sapelli.

Usage areas:

  • Interior decoration works
  • Furniture production
  • Door and window construction
  • Parquet production
  • Ladder construction
  • Boat decoration
  • Facades of buildings
  • Wooden parts of mosques (such as door, mimber, mihrab)


Sapele drying time can be up to 70 days depending on thickness when using conventional ovens.