Acajou Timber

Origin: West – Central Africa
Botanical Name: Khaya Ivorensis A.Chev.
Tree Category: Hard Tropical Wood
Intensity: 640 Kg/m3

Acajou, a medium-to-high density tree, is commonly found in the high forests of the West African region. The acaoju tree can reach 45 meters in height and 2 meters in diameter in the forest.


Freshly cut Acajou sap wood has a light pink color, the color of the wood darkens to a pinkish red or brown with exposure to light.

Usage areas:

  • Interior decoration
  • Furniture production
  • Window – Door production
  • Boat decoration / construction
  • Parquet production
  • Musical instruments making
  • On the outer hulls of wooden boats


The drying time of Acajou wood can be up to 70 days, depending on the thickness, when using conventional kilns, as in Sipo and Sapelli.