Iroko Timber

Origin: West-Central Africa
Botanical Name: Milicia Excelsa (Chlorophora Excelsa)
Tree Category: Hard Tropical Wood
Intensity: 630-650 Kg/m3 (650 – 700 KG)

The Iroko tree, which grows on the West African coast, can live in the forest for up to 500 years. Iroko, which is classified as tropical hardwood, is frequently preferred indoors and outdoors due to its durability and decorative properties.


The heartwood is usually yellow to golden or medium brown and tends to darken in color over time.

Usage areas:

  • Garden furniture
  • Boat decoration
  • Building exteriors
  • Building interior stairs
  • Parquet production
  • Door and window construction
  • Pool Sides
  • Scaffolding


Drying time of Iroko can be up to 90 days depending on thickness when using conventional ovens. Iroko is a type of timber that generally experiences little deformation during drying.